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Navigating Your Way

We are financial advisors with over 50 years of combined experience in this industry. Our approach to financial services is to get to know you first. Before we even talk about investment selections or asset management, we need to find out what is important to you. We want to understand your goals, dreams, your feelings about investing and taking risks, as well as what you want from a financial advisor. Our ultimate purpose is to take care of you and your family’s financial well-being, as well as your business, now and into the future.

Benefits for Your Business

Beyond financial services for individuals, we specialize in providing businesses with the solutions they need to meet the needs of the top earners as well as the entire employee base. We work with businesses to help them set up their 401k’s to implement proper plan design, set up, and management of their qualified plans. We also provide individual advice to plan participants. Along with the 401k plans, we also work with businesses to set up Defined Benefit Plans and other qualified and non-qualified investments for the owners and the employees.

Showing You Direction

For centuries, weathervanes have provided sailors, farmers, business owners, churches and the military important information about wind direction for strategic planning. The same concept applies to asset preservation. Before you can decide which direction to take with your money, you need to get an idea of what you want from your money. You’ll find that your DFG advisor will help assess your entire financial picture for the here and now and into the future. Our assessment helps us get a better understanding about your money and finances, so that it’s invested wisely with your best interests at heart.

Once we have a detailed understanding of your income, assets, taxes, debts, estate objectives and retirement goals we can develop an action plan addressing your concerns and give choices that you can handle and live with to pursue your dreams for financial independence.

Your plan can include investment planning, college funding, risk management, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

Lighting your Way

Just as a lighthouse guides mariners safely at night to port, your DFG advisor is striving to help preserve your finances and help you pursue your life goals. We respect that your money is serious business. That’s why we’re dedicated to guiding you through turbulent markets and seeking to build trust, not just returns through our affiliations with financially sound insurance providers, and professional CPAs and attorneys.

We understand that there is no regular course to saving, investing or spending your money. So, we offer a variety of investment and insurance options for both businesses and individuals to help you navigate your way to financial independence . We offer comprehensive investment services that include mutual funds, annuities, CDs, bonds, securities, life and long-term care insurance plans, buy/sell agreements, qualified retirement plans and non-qualified plans. In addition, we offer specialty support services including wills and trusts.

Focusing On the Details For You

Being able see the finer details and gathering information is critical to planning and anticipating future movement of the markets. What you can understand is that your DFG advisors are highly experienced in their profession studying in the intricate facets of global financial markets, economies, legislative environments and trends to help us recommend the most appropriate financial decisions for you, your family, your business.

Whether it’s for retirement, income planning, estate planning, college funding, trusts, wills or charitable giving strategies, your independent DFG advisor is dedicated to working with you to select the most appropriate investment opportunities that guide you in your journey to greater financial independence.

To find out how DFG can help you chart a financial plan for life, call us at 507.451.8362.

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